Latest Update!!

It is with much regret that I have to report that my judicial candidacy may be over.  On June 8, 2021, a court ruled in a lawsuit filed by the Queens County Republican Party (QCRP) to toss out all the nominating petitions that I was a part of, disqualifying me for judicial candidacy.  This was not the first time that this happened.  In a separate lawsuit, also with QCRP as our adversary, the court ruled to disqualify everyone on my slate.  We appealed that case and won.  The Appellate Division, 2nd Dept, ordered the Board of Elections to place everyone on my slate back on the ballot.  The QCRP filed a leave to appeal with the Court of Appeals, but was denied. 

The QCRP continued to attack our nominating petition in court and the court ruled against us again on June 8, 2021.  We are filing an appeal, but given that early voting starts June 12, 2021, I am not sure there’s enough time to reverse the course.  We believe this was what our opponent had planned all along in filing their case so close to the primary date so that we won’t have time to file an appeal, especially when we won the appeal the first time.    I am suspending my campaign, but if there are any changes, I will update you all.  Thank you for all the support you’ve given me.  Thank you to all the people who contacted their friends and family on my behalf.  I am grateful I have such a supportive network.